Herod Quick Photoshop Architecture Shot Tutorial

Dr Herod III Has decided to post a simple demo. should take about 20 mins

[SIZE=6]Step 1[/SIZE][SIZE=6]: Block out in 3d[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]Step 2:[/SIZE][SIZE=6] Dr Herod iii Downloads an image and cuts it out - [/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]After[/SIZE] perspective adjustments and colour corrections - 20 mins


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wewe na @Keffjoinange mumeamua kunipatia liwe liwalo…shot ni how much ?

This one …[ATTACH=full]334564[/ATTACH]

Or this one…?


What software are you using. I want to draw out my retirement home. I can use Solidworks, ProE and a little Autocad.

3ds Max & houdini → https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/the-2021-range-rover-unveiled.170872/

Archicad for modelling, polish it in artlantis nd full render and add more materials using lumion… keja swafi sana

Wewe ni arkitet?

Just like you, am a lad with various talents, :D, tuko web design, programming, enterprenuership, I.T, architecture kiasi, kwenye pesa itajipa. I was advising simiyu asikue kama the regular architects mtu
anakuletea house model inakaa keja cartoons huishi. Inafaa unapelekea client a realistic presentation with animations which can only be achieved by softwares like lumion nd twin motion, which i think alot
of architects dont know about. Cheki the difference between the two. Architects wengi huwachia kazi on the left pic using only basic softwares, which looks less realistic than the pic on the right rendered by a more advanced software. In short, simiyu akipelekea client model ya sketchup only na mimi nipeleke ya lumion 9, nani ataitwa kazi tene hehehh…

I believe you can also use blender. Its a free software.

I knew this handle wouldn’t last to the end of November. Admin anachukia huyu ghasia sana.