Herod extracurricular activity

The classically trained Herod III plays nocturnes before engaging in philosophical intercourse…not played for months but thanks to muscle memory…



Point the joke for me, I missed something

Philosophical intercourse on ktalk?

Ngamia ya kajiado hii

Hii ugepost kilimani mums here u will attract zero femeos since its treeholders village and few post wall tired donkeys who won’t even notice. Meanwhile kimakia kaa rada

Nooo, philosophical intercourse by a jareeeer?

Bravo! Tango one! Tango one! @Habesha confirm position. Over!

Blocked that filthy habesha

Over 80% of Somalains are mentally ill

Why would you wanna block me I’m the nicest guy here

I rank Ethiopians lower than Kenyans. You are bottom feeders.

You rank ?? :D:D:D:D

You in no "position " to rank when your the lowest of low when it comes to ethnic hierarchy :stuck_out_tongue:


I am an ARAB. google where. Arabs raank

Your somalian even if your Arab you don’t rank higher than habeshas lool

You should be proud of your somalian heritage :smiley: