Hero of the year


That’s the worst cameraman iv ever known

Even me I was wondering why he’s taking the camera away from the scene. Huku ni kwenu Webuye. I once drove there from KSM to see a nice waterfall. I was the driver and had 4 men with me.

Chetambe falls.

Jesus. Why would a KPLC employee be working with live wire. Seems like safety protocols were breached. Hope he makes it.

He will. He was threatened by the superiors not to turn off electricity

This is insane!
Totally insane.
Seems like there was a CME present in the open point of the line-Source side (Safety cover that probably has kept him alive).
Question is: who switched on the line because that might be the reason the CME looks broken on two lines? That is negligence on the supervisor as well as the engineer in charge and almost equitable to murder. Was this maintenance or shutdown? Either way someone must pay for this crime against that individual who was working on the line.

:D:D:D were you from acting a scene for movie called " makena and the four BBC by the waterfall":D:D:D

kenyans never fails to amaze:eek::D:D

Most countries use that crane with a little bucket that someone stands inside. Kenyans still use those hooked shoes like for climbing mti mnazi( 1940 technology)… yet kplc make’s billions in revenue… bonobo land indeed

Ive seen a few these in a few urban centres and leafy suburbs…ziko kenya hii.

Tell us more since you brought it up to catch our attention Makena ?
Four men and a woman went to see a waterfall…

You know those blue movies za [SIZE=1]porn [/SIZE][SIZE=4]they do have such titles." Makena and the 4 mandingos by the waterfall "[/SIZE]

Mtu mzee kama wewe unafanya nini ukiona mandingo porn.

That’s not intelligent at all

Sio mimi I’m just quoting uwesmake

Rugby players hawapendi ujinga. Ulitoka roho ikiwa imegeuka


Mzee kumbe wewe ni serial wanker. :eek::D:D:D

Yep. It was a class field trip. Nothing like stress from profs to unite people. One of the guys was from there. Unfortunately the 4 never graduated. I don’t know why people have dirty minds whenever they see a man or men together. I’ve done enough road trips, boat trips and many others bcz they provide security. Not everyone is like uwesmake.