Herisquare closed indefinitely

The popular joint in Ruaka - Herisquare has been sold to a church.

Wacha bhangi

Leta link






@rollout mbirrionaire just hit the tarmac.


ni wapi


Isn’t it leased premises?

Haki tell me it’s a joke. I was planning for some event mid October.

Joint ya mama Muriithi na ule billionaire wa FAXE AKA Slum dweller
We will patronize former Lock city

Too many outstanding debts, was running on borrowed time, it was bound to close.

Rock city, Kutoa Lock

Just seen this thread, Mamlaka Chapel are moving in there

Sasa hiyo Mamlaka chapel kama hatukuenda tukiwa campus, Wa nangoja tuende tukiwa wazee?