Here's the average time you could survive on several planets in solar system, without a space suit.

1. Mercury
Few seconds. If you are lucky, about a minute. You will die of extreme temperatures and suffocation. The night side of mercury is extremely cold while day side is extremely hot.
2. Venus
Less than a second. Very high pressure of Carbondioxide atmosphere and extremely high temperature will crush and roast you within a fraction of a second. If your corpse remained, it will be lucky to enjoy a sulphuric acid rain.
3. Earth
About 80 years. :slight_smile:
4. Moon
Maybe half a minute. You will die of suffocation.
5. Mars
About a minute. Very thin atmosphere of 95% Carbondioxide will kill you within just a minute.
6. Jupiter
Less than a second. After you enter Jupiter’s atmosphere, your carbon body will turn into several diamonds.
7. Saturn
Less than a second. Same as Jupiter.
8. Uranus
Less than a second.
9. Neptune
Less than a second.

Ici in ngoma…

I rarely trust these ‘theoretical’ scientists nowadays. These are the same characters who said that Chernobyl will be uninhabitable for thousands of years… yet the place is teeming with wildlife.

The same fellows can’t prove that man evolved from apes.

The same fellows tell you one day that carbs are great, proteins are bad. Then the next day they shift 360 degrees. Then a few years later they turn around and say that both carbs and proteins are bad in fact fish will give you colon cancer!


So what happens if man sends a monkey or a dog in Mars and it starts breathing?

They change the story once again. That was a special dog with a unique deformity : it doesn’t require oxygen to survive.

Kumaanisha hao walifanya ni wahenga walikufa after a second


a large percentage of all stats are made up.

Nothing beats science.

Reading some things tells us nothing.

Most scientific facts are developed from hypothesis followed by experiment but there is always a room for errors. Meaning that some of these facts may be actually wrong.

I regard all space science findings as a very loooong fictional movie. All those images and videos you see are recreated/ just say photoshopped for clarity?

Wacha Mungu aitwe Mungu bwana.

I always thought the freezing or hearing would kill you first. It’s good to learn something new

Yes. All scientists are the same and ‘do science’ in one lab and create reports just for your approval.

They should try harder to convince you. Those astrobionutritionists.

Astrobionutritionists… weh. Buda!!

Hio nayo najua umelala ukiota vile utanigonga nayo asubuhi nitetemeke nione vile uko thomed. :smiley:

Ati vile watu wa picha huwa thomed and exposed.

Enyewe umejaribu. Hio nitaiba nitumie kwingine kutwanga Trump haters.

Astrobionutritionists. Word of the week. A word that means nothing but sounds very cool and thomed.

Kuna series kali sana pale netflix ya vile scientists were looking for new ways to dicover new planets. Kijana mmoja pale Rome akagundua that they can use the shadow formed when a planet moves across a star.

Halafu wakagundua that some planets’ shadows move extremely fast meaning that some planets revolve around their stars in a matter of a few hours… and yet these planets don’t burn up completely due to the high speeds and friction involved !!!

Some planets don’t even move in perfect orbits!!!

Hizo discovery zilishtua science community vibaya sana. Longheld theories died a painful death that day. Astrobionutritionist sijui ulikuwa wapi hio day.

The earth takes a year to move round the sun… others take a mere 4 hours to move around their stars. That changes everything.

There is an exoplanet that orbits in an oval pattern moving mere meters from it’s star and then moving extremely far on the opposite side.

If the earth moved mere meters from the sun scientists believe that the earth would burn up. Why doesn’t that planet described above burn up?

That exoplanet takes 74 years to revolve around its star and speeds up when it approaches it’s star.

Why are reach people going to mars in 2024, given the above information?


I didn’t know Uranus is such a bad ass…

You are laughing a little too hard there sir. Don’t encourage the buffoon.

He is just a troll who has never posted any thread since he joined in 2015. Kazi ni uchokozi tu.