Here's me doing my civic duty a bastard



Thie toro ni utuko…

lemmi try… shockd

Kenya is more developed than Senegal thus car rental should cost more ?


This is bad and immature. Mambo ya inbox wacha inbox.

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Jamaa ni makende tupu. Ata akili ni ballz tupu!

I had to do this before he came on here and say that i katiad him …while pretending to be female

@Bingwa Scrotum that was dumb and stupid of you, If you are going to assist someone, you never do it with the kind of attitude you had there. You are being stupid, even for the internet this is still low for anybody

She didn’t deserve my respect just as u don’t black meffi

Hehehe your respect is not needed. Thank you for the consideration though

Gay laugh …you and all those that laugh ‘huhuhu’

[SIZE=5]Very Immature ! [/SIZE]


Still dumb