Here's a chance for K-Talk thieves to pay what they owe cc@Gecko Moriah

Hiyo excuse ati you didn’t have a way to pay for the book… The author only wants Sh500 for the PDF. That’s two beers !



I thought about that after downloading it. I am happy to do that. But anyone would want to be sure whose number that is.


Kind of feel for him. Imagine the number of people who now won’t buy the book due to the spread of the free Pdf version. Hii Kenya imekuwa ukora Tupu. Just went ahead and downloaded it for free. Hopefully one day I will pay the debt :confused:I

The irony…we are looting the book about looters. God help us.

Huyo ndungi anaitisha 3000.:smiley:

Wezi kila mahali


Who has a link to the free download?

Mind blown. :D:D

OMG. What? Seriously?Link ziko kama kumi huku.Ebu tafuteni.I didn’t download myself though.

As much as I would like everyone in Kenya to read that book, I am not sure I support pirating it. If you have the bootleg (free copy) please send that jamaa kakitu. But nafikiri hiyo phone number hapo juu ni feki.

Hatulipi ng’o!

Huyo mzae ata akipata 5k atakuwa amejaribu. Vitu kama hizi wakenya hawaezi tuma. Akitaka poa aombe msaada kwa politicians wale hutumiwa pesa fwaaa, kama Raira. Raira akiingia tu social media aseme “send money to paybill number 400200 immediately, for whatever reason. Just send”, kesho asubuhi huyo mzae atakuwa multi-millionaire.

i got it and downloaded it,for a second i felt like i was using stones to light fire when everyone was talking about looters and ‘grab em’


Joe Khamisi was an adherent supporter of Baba, He seemed like he was destined to be the coastal political king pin at one time, but can’t tell what went wrong with his political career.

It’s Sh500 for the PDF

Nitamtumia kakitu.

Wewe kwani haujasoma hio twitter ya huyo conman anaitwa ndungi?