hereditary conditions

In 2016, at the age of 36 my uncle (on my mum’s side) was diagnosed with diabetes. He was put on medication and seemed to be managing it well but sadly in late 2020 at the age of 40 a bout with covid brought him down and he didnt live to see his 41st birthday.

In the same 2020 at the age of 49 my mum was also diagnosed with diabetes. She will be turning 51 later this year and she is managing it well.

What is the probability that I am also gonna get this condition later in life??

Intermarry with distant tribes at least you will stop the hereditary factors. As for you, just live a physically active life, kuja Elgeyo Marakwet pale iten tufanye tizi for a month, once a year, iko Camp mzuri

Even those without diabetes in their lineage can get it because of the lifestyle choices we make. Exercise and choose non processed food with plenty of veges and avoid sugar that your body doesn’t need and cannot utilize.

If your father doesn’t have diabetes then chances are that uko poa ( am assuming you know your father).
Now, and this is very important, when you finally decide to marry or create a baby please please make sure you do a background check on your woman, make sure her lineage has no history of diabetes…that way your children and their children will avoid diabetes

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Man, you are really worried about your health. And it’s understandable. Hugs to you.
It’s going to be well.

I have to be. If doctors cant tell what it is then who can?