Here we go again!! Governor Obado admitted at KNH private wing.

Same ol same ol. Wash rinse and repeat. Same old cycle. On Monday he will be released on bond and passport confiscated to confuse Kenyans.Give Kenyans two more weeks after his release and we will forget about him and Sharon.

Next scandal…loading

How Kenyans are waiting for a new scandal to keep them busy for a week or two.


@Panyaste huyo mwanaume hapo chini ni normal kweli? Beer, maziwa na banana?

Inakaa kimilili mongrel.

Si guka couch p hizo ndizo starehe zake.

Hii ni balanced diet. vitamins,potassium,proteins,ethanol et al etc etc

Snitching: @FieldMarshal CouchP ati wewe ni ule msee…msee wa mixer kwa tumbo

just like that, ombeta is onto the next one.

Cliff Ombeta putting in the work

Told ya. When the cameras pan to the next scandal.Cliff swings into action.


Na ni kama anasafisha mecho pia … balanced diet kapsaaa