Herbs That Our Forefathers Used While Making Beef Or Mutton Soup

Acacia Bark
This is still used by the Maasai. The bark once boiled produces some tangy / bitter tasting brown liquid that makes head soup very palatable. For those people who hate soup due to a layer of fat floating on top, this back ensures homogeneous broth. Makes soup look like milk once whipped by a blender or traditional Kiberi.


Most people from the countryside know this plant because in the old days when Toilet Paper was for the rich village people used this scented leaves to wipe their butts after a long call.

Young stems are added to boiling soup to give a nce taste. It is also medicinal and is believed to add vitality to men. It is a natural Blue Pill

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Budangu amezipanda karibu na choo ya SQ. . . Nikamuliza hii ni form gani?
Akasema achana hio ni tissue ya Peetah (farm hand)

Leo jioni jaribu kutumia, iko poa kuliko tissue.
Its natural and also gives your asss a nice aroma.

Wanjiro wa rurie na ngorikoma? Some of the soups i grew up drinking


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