Herb Farm - Large Scale Market

Wadau niko shamba ya fangi approximately 3 acres pale Endebes. Am looking for large scale market where i can sell my legit “shash” products. Any information will be appreciated ama if you want to start peddling business.

Ikiwa @Eng’iti hajaikagua na kuweka @Eng’iti seal of approval, hutapata soko popote.

Mimi ni buyer for personal and group use. Please contact me

I sell in kg unataka ngapi?

Please contact me with the prices.
What exact species are they?
How old are they?
Would you kindly email me a pic of one of the plants heads? Heads are where THC is the most.
How much per kilo?

Na nilidhani @lichoti ni dunderhead sasa oneni huyu

nimekuja hapa mbio nikingoja kuona mint ama sage ama hata rosemary

Mbisha itacome kesho

Karau alert. Jaribu kuweka order ujipate Kamiti. Nani huuza fangi wholesale by advertising to the public

As a suspect buyer, not unless you end up buying

Inbox mudau niko na soko.

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si utaangusha ndege:(:frowning:

Tuko kesho, wapi picha?