Her name is Ruby Freeman.

[SIZE=5]Like I have said before the mzungu always uses the black man to do his dirty work.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]90% of vote fraud in this election was done by black American poll workers supported by massive black cops who were kicking any GOP observers out of polling stations in most of the videos.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Ruby Freeman worked together with her daughter. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@Kahuni Maisha [/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Here she is IG live with absentee ballots with no identification or return address. She reports to work ready to steal.[/SIZE]


You like mzungu,you discredit muzungu then you bash muzungu then adore muzungu. You must have the craziest case of infatuation bordelining schizophrenia. Leo muzungu ni ghaseer,kesho wako sawa


Your efforts at derailing the thread are duly noted.

She made so many videos :


Ok ,i will let @Guy004 derail it proper. Wachaga kujiongelesha nanii:D:D:D

@T.Vercetti should be the last guy to complain about derailing. He will find a thread where people are discussing cars and go “Actually this car reminds me about how much I hate Obama and Democrats. And to show you just how much I hate them, let me post not one, but two long essays about how much I hate them”

Ghaseer si kwanza umalize kuandika assignment za lazy US students na transcription

We understand your fear.

Mnaskia mkubwa akiongea hivi mnaskia kukunia.


You should be learning how to post parler links by now since come Jan 20th the orange buffoon will get kicked out of twitter :smiley:

Leo inakaa ume con raiya wengi sana na ile betting site yako ya uongo. I can tell from your excitement. @Sambamba you just look like an I.T conman.

Ukiskia kijana mkenya ako na server kwa nyumba jua tu zile scam na fraud zinaendelea hapo ni hatari.

Even the kind of friends you say you keep. Haikosi you milk bank accounts or send fraudulent SMSs.

Vile niliskia ukisema you are moving to riverside… nilijua tu hii nugu iko into naija , Cameroonian online con games.

I’m not responsible for your peasant status kijana . Some of these things are down to fate.

Grind kwa rat race just like your fellow peasants na uwache machungu na wale kama mimi walishinda ovarian lottery na utunguu haitawai wacha kunuka.

It shows how weak Twitter really is or rather how much they need Trump.

Naweza aje kuja na nikunie kwa platform yako daily na hunifikuzi???

Just giving me soft blue warnings. :D:D:D

They are pussies. If they had guts they would’ve shut him down years ago.

But on the other side I’m not naive. Probably Trump earns money from twitter. It’s a business. Nyinyi mnaona they are enemies but in reality they are business partners.

Just like CNN. The CEO of CNN Jeff Zucker was a producer on the Apprentice and he was key in pushing a reluctant Trump to finally run for office. Trump in turn got him employed at CNN. And we are supposed to believe today that both men are sworn enemies.

Lakini hio sio grind. Hio ni wizi. Obviously there is something you are doing online that is lucrative but highly illegal.

Ile siku uliibiwa haikosi ilikuwa deal related.


Hanaga msimamo na akili kwa matako,he’s a gaytard:D.

Kinyozi wacha makelele.

I am afraid I cannot answer that question at this time.