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A Kenyan Government minister and a priest were bundled into the boot of their car by carjackers, reports say.
Water Resources Minister Martha Karua was robbed of money, a mobile phone and her golden earrings.

A five-man gang abandoned the pair unhurt on the outskirts of Nairobi, the Sunday Standard newspaper said.

Earlier this year, Ms Karua was badly injured in a plane crash in western Kenya that killed Labour Minister Ahmed Khalif and two pilots.

Ms Karua and University of Nairobi chaplain Fr Dominic Wamugunda had been waiting to enter a compound in the Kabete area at around 0100 on Saturday (2200 GMT Friday) when they were attacked, said Kenyan KTN TV.

“They were waiting for the gate to be opened, that’s when they were confronted by the carjackers,” said police spokesman Jesse Mituki.

The gang commandeered the car and drove around the city before finally dropping the minister and the priest in the Waithaka suburb.

Ms Karua was robbed of 13,000 shillings ($171), a mobile phone and her gold earrings, said KTN TV.


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Wamugunda used to be a very naughty fellow…in 2004 we cornered him during his lecture to confirm if the rumours were indeed true:D…dude didn’t deny…you could actually tell that he was very proud. He was a good lecturer but would only come for 3 lectures out of the 20 or so…a then powerful dude who linked some of our female classmates with good opportunities.

Her bedroom bully thinks raila is an animal. So how are they going to work together exactly?

Raila has mellowed

At the cost of the condemned valley of honey?

By the time I was there he was no-longer powerful, liked students, liked the lady students even more, had a way of flirting with them

He was a great dude…and very good lecturer but time ndio hakua nayo…from 2008 his powers were gone…lakini wanadada nao aliwasaidia sana

Katuva bado yuko?