Her family was burnt in Kiambaa church as she watched


Nothing wrong with Kalenjingas burning Okuyu shiets. You’re both birds of the same feathers. Afterall, kama Okuyu shiets never raised the issue of being roasted like barbecues in 2013 and 2017, msisumbue wakenya na minyambo na makelele saa hii.

Half-man, we cannot say it’s not wrong, whoever did it. No one from anywhere deserves to be hurt, to die, or have their property damaged because someone lost or won an election. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that for yourself or anyone you love.
These atrocities are all signs that we have lost what it means to be human. People of other tribes and races are humans, just like you and I, and they want the same things as people–to live, work and raise their families. The disconnect is caused by certain unscrupulous and selfish “leaders” who whip up hate and make us think the person speaking a different mother tongue is vile and he/she must be taken out. It is important for a leader to lead his own mind and actions first. And everyone is a leader of his/her own actions. We are all yoked together as Kenyans, and if we can pull together in mutual trust, we can go very far. We should strive to build that trust by being true to one another.

Alafu wakikuyu like @Finest wine are supporting him


I’m lost. Aren’t you two friends with similar interests especially since @Purple is a common enemy now and “we’re” all Christian?

Jojina siasa ya Kenya haipendi makasiriko, hao wenyewe hawachukiani. Uhuru went shopping for a running mate in 2013 and brought Ruto to us. Na ikawa tuu hivo kwangu. Sasa he is trying to sell us Jakuon? that to me is a big resounding naaaaaaah.
I haven’t seen any other candidate worthy of my one vote so far.

Ni TBT tuu. These people always live down to expectations.