Her car was afloat at Likoni for 20 minutes. Then she drowned!!!!

I love Kenya with all my heart. But the way we react to emergencies in 2019 is worse than we did 20 years ago!!! Whyu is human life so cheap in motherland???

How can we want to be seen as Africa’s best, and yet operate a ferry without first responders on board?

How can a drowning woman stay afloat in her car for 20 minutes, then drown less than 2 miles from Kenya Navy Headquarters!!! Why do we devalue human life so badly.

24 hours later, they claim there is not a diver available in Mombasa to claim her body from the ocean floor

The western world is not perfect, but I have watched movies of whole fire departments come to the aid of a drowning dog/cow/cat. Our Navy does not have the decency/capaciiy to claim a woman’s body from the Likoni passage into Kilindini Harbor??? Really!!!


No brave soul decided to swim to try and rescue this family within those 20 minutes ? Anyone please… In Kenya kila mtu anapambana na hali yake for real, we have been taught that you are on your own

This is Kenya
Where we celebrate mediocrity
Where we attribute rainfall to our leaders
But when it floods,we say it’s not our leaders

I remember Westgate
A whole president lying to the entire world how “12-15 terrorists entered the mall”
5 were shot dead,one arrested but succumbed to his injuries

And we all believed him

The fish starts rotting from the head.

This is the time we need our media to beat drum this matter but i think the issue will not sell like they expect

In kenya we survive on hype and pr. When its time for rubber to meet tarmac tunakunja mkia. We will have 100+1 reasons to justify why the navy could not rescue her. We will be given 50+1 analyses to prove she was on fault, and not kenya ferry.

When a big person is involved, they will burden us with their mourning. When it is the wife or daughter of a big person involved, we will be told its a National Tragedy. When we lost a few kids last week they never bothered. When we lose a few politicians in a helicopter crash they will force us to shave our heads. They will call for national prayers.

Todays Yes Rasta!
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Trying to belittle our integrity now
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]They say what we know…Is just what they teach us
And we’re so ignorant’…'Cause every time they can reach us…
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Through political strategy

Where did Westgate terrorists go…

Tel us more pls !

wale walikuwa na bunduki ni 4. akina Samantha white widow and the rest walihepa

I hear , but not sure, that , big sharks trail around that place , who else was ready to die also.?

Police didn’t shoot a single terrorist
They were 7
Three left when kDF “rescued” them

The rest died when KDF,for no apparent reason,blew up part of the mall

Haya maneno yote, u’ve kept for yourself all this long. Ebu endelea tafadhali

If you are waiting for the government to come save your ass and you are not “important” ole wako.if that was joho things would have been different …it’s not the first time.they even don’t hide it…“it starts with you” in other words no one gives shit about you ingekuwa boy child am sure hii issue ingesahaulika Jana
Which brings me back to what they say …it starts with you
It’s important to know what to do in such situations or rather preempt .I can’t fault the lady as she was in panic mode waiting for help but in such situations try save youself don’t wait for anyone.20mins is alot don’t just sit there unbuckle and open the windows if they can’t break the windows before water gets in coz once the car nose dives it becomes real hard to do anything
The ferry guys know this and those lives lost would have been saved in those 20mins but cz of the don’t care attitude beuracracy and the fact that the person is affected isn’t related to you.they just watch na kusema hapa kunakuwanga hivyo.which is rather stupid.
Just a thought


Movie za dj afro wachana nazo.

it doesn’t make sense for the ferry to be operated by the central government, some things should just be left with the counties, even kisumu county should be left alone to revive it’s ferry, somethings are very localized and the local governments can offfer more critical leadership and resources.

Kenyans are mean people.

Kenya’s media is mediocrity exemplified; they would rather dwell on Tangatanga and Kieleweke nonsense

Sad!! Imagine how much hope she had knowing that she was going to be rescued, only to sink and die like that. Life jackets should be mandatory. Additionally, heads need to start rolling. Whoever’s responsible for coordinating emergency services at the ferry needs to get fired. Mombasa county should also be sued to the tune of millions, that will really teach them a lesson (yeah right).