her best friend

My girl has had this best friend (girl) for many years even before i met her. How do i make her best friend tell me every secret concerning my girl?

(kuongea takataka enda umwange hapo kwa sonko)



You will be abusive to that girl in future wachana naye

you, son, are headed for a very tough time as far as matters relationships are concerned. learn to love and evaluate your partner from the day you met (your ground zero) going forward…start digging the past and you’ll get more than you bargained for.

some of us are past the utoi of abusing a person for what they have done or did

What would you do if you found that she loves women and that best friend is infact her lover?
Ask for a threesome?
Mundu mugima!

Vile @gashwin amesema

Mavi ya kale banaa . Everyone of us has a past.

Umenipeleka mbali sana. Story for another day

Nkt mbona umetaja bac?? Sikuiti Ng’ombe though :slight_smile:

Utoto rudisha shuleni.

Pipe her and watch her blabber everything

ill be happy knowing

leta hio hekaya

how does one achieve that @AMB_Sunday?

Will the info improve your relationship or break it? Get another purpose for living

utoto ni kujibu swali ki utoto

Men nowadays…smh. Mara kilimani mums, mara kutafuta udaku, mara kuanika vitombeo vibakshishi vyao. Tulikosea wapi jameni?
reke nemwo!


ukitaka kula bata ,usimchunguze