Guys, what do you do to motivate your employees? I have this employee, nice guy. We actually studied together in highschool, he was my classmate. He is a good employee and does a good job. The problem is, every time I pay him, he goes missing for 3 days and then shows up broke. Mostly, he drinks himself stupid. I can’t fire him because he delivers quality work and I don’t want to seem too intrusive on a persons private life.

You are not being intrusive, he is actually taking advantage of your relationship. He perceives that as a weakness.What’s
the cost or influence of his disruptive behavior on your work ?
You may stamp down your feet on his truancy and become the wakeup call.
What if he increased the No. of unproductive days if you improved his earnings ?

From what I read, he is a perfect employee because he delivers in his work. FULL. STOP. I gather you want to help him as a friend…

Hapo nitakuambia friendship and biz don’t mix like 2 dix.

The cost is zero because he doesn’t get paid when he is absent

Fictitiosly sell off part of the company. Rebrand as “Under new Management”. Bring on new rules to the organization

You should let him go clean up without delay. Given that he misses work due to alcoholism, shows he has no impulse control. Over time, he will need more and more alcohol to give him the same high. Soon his salary will not sustain this addiction and he might/will start plundering the biz. Quit him while you’re still ahead.

Why go to all that length coz of one undisciplined mofo.
The guy needs to put his foot down and lay the rules and make it clear that every employee must follow with no exceptions.

For his next salo, give him his ticket to a rehab. Have him checked in and tell him he is only allowed out when he is clean