I have a sister. she’s been fine up until now. Growing up I always pictured her firmness as a good thing. I never thought that itafika time when we’d be doubting her sanity. Now she talks like she’s completely lost her bearings. Me and my dad are forced to consider seeking the services of a shrink. I am hoping that one of you talkers here can help me before we commit her to an assylum.

Well I pretty much grew up with my pops after they split with my mum in 97 huko. So I don’t know no mother shit. The more reason I respect my old man. He is a nurturer which is rare with us guys. He pretty much raised us two alone.

Flash forward kitu 9yrs later my mum pops back into our lives akiseek kujiingiza Kwa mix. I have no bitterness with her but still she was not there so for me it was just off. I love her but she feels like a mess. I usually feel sorry for her. the details I can’t delve into but it’s a long story.

However my sister’s reaction was different at first. Having been a daddy’s girl she totally rejected my mum’s advances. She felt that her intentions were not genuine. I was more open minded. I however didn’t like one thing about my dear mother. After she left my dad she messed up and got entangled with a married man, a work colleague who died later on and left her with three kids. She went to his funeral and was chased away by the first wife, who had marked her territory.

Wounded and humiliated she plunged deep into church shit. Which brings me to say why I distrust all church people. You see, through her allegiance to the church, she finally won my sister over to her side. They could now talk having something in common. My sister is very religious btw.

Sasa the problem is, she went overboard. She has that weakness. Akipata kitu anapenda she goes into it full throttle. So she has gone into this silly prayer shit where they believe that ukiwa na mashida that uko na malaana za Ukoo. As a result she thinks when stuff is not going her way ni laana. So she avoids people who she sees in her visions and pretty much has become psychotic. At times, ju she stays with my dad, she can go for days without eating. Starving herself claiming that she’s fine but her health says otherwise… I am afraid she might starve to death.

Anyway my dad got scared and sent her to my mum who also has no clue what to do judging from what she told me the last time we spoke.

The whole wokovu thing has totally confused her such that she’s become a little girl now who spends her days in fear of living life. Kazi ni kusema vile she’s seen visions of you sijui ukifanya vitu gani.

I am really concerned about her. Anyone know or have any experience with psychotic episodes like these? I need all the help I can get.

Meanwhile, I will appreciate any thing that could help me help her before she does something crazy because we can not seem to get through to her

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Take her to Dr Njenga. Thank me later.

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I wonder what life will have done to me thirty years from now if I live that long.

Cc @Acoustic , @justus


eish a Ripe recruit for a cult… even schizophrenic people see visions and images… however, the good thing with schizos is that they know and admit they have a problem and seek help… However, a religious nut job is a whole new ball game altogether. This is what is called a Christian fundamentalist you may try to pull her over to the moderate side by jumping into the religiosity stuff or at least pretend just so you may make her moderate,


Pole ndugu but never give up on her. The minute she comes back to herself, ile utamu wa maisha and sense of purpose in life you’ll get, will be immense

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achana naye kidogo she will be back to her senses once she will find she is the one losing

lakini uchunge tu asipotee na wewe. She is still a woman, remember. very little loyalty to those who really matter as far as i have understood your story.

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Pole bro. Hope she gets better soon.

Compulsive praying + Anorexia or fasting = Sleep deprivation = Hallucinations.

The Timberlake’s were once Dr.Njenga patients,apelekwe hosi before she starts exorcism on you her family.

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Life was fine and everything was working until that day about twenty years ago when both my parents stayed home for two weeks and made a huge fire with all items from the house and compound that had ‘demonic’ influence. Downhill all the way from then.
Mimi na religion hatuambatani kapsaa


hekaya mukubwaa :D:D:D



these are signs of mental illness…most probably hereditary, not necessarily caused by the life experiences…a shrink like akina dr frank njenga et al will come in handy here…i suspect bipolar disorder or adhd

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Unaweza ni inbox namba yake nimu advise ?

Get her a the self help motivational book titled " the principles of success " by Jack Canefield. She will turn around.

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One day. Maybe

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Huyu mpeleke to a psychiatrist . The fact that anasema akona visions inaonyesha she has some kind of mental problem and to make it even worse she is being misdirected by a religious conman who might make her or lead her do something shocking in the name of God. Mkimpeleka kwa psychiatrist and explain to him/her kuwa your sis anaweza kuwa ameingishwa kwa cult ndio huyo doc ajue what to do to stop her from falling into the lure of a cult leader.


Psychiatrist pap. ASAP.


We had a talk the other day about these churches and I raised a point that why is it easy for women to be lured into cults in the name of ministry easily than men.

Having said that though I feel you and there is nothing strange with how she is feeling . She had a psychotic problems and she needs to see a combination of counselor and pychiatrist . It will be a long road but with your support she will make it .

If possible disconnect her to this cult churches.


I think and is slowly sliding into schizophrenia

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