there is this 16 yr old neighbours daughter I jokingly asked her for slices now she cant stop coming to my place kila afternoon each time I have to make up excuses that I had to go somewhere urgently nisionekane naye juu age difference ni kubwa sana, my greatest fear however is as soon PNC sets in the guilt will kill me itanifanya nikiona hata askari wa kanjo nitoke mbio. 4 days to go nipoteze chance ya kusample spring chicken Villagers should I do it? urgently advice

Mosa unasumbua

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Jaribu uone!

Ungekuwa ushakula yeye kitambo DFHKMBL

@uwesmake kuja ona huyu anacheza na mboga

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Buda wewe utapata Post Sentence Clarity ukikula maharagwe Kamiti juu ya Statutory Rape




Don’t mess na watoto wa Matiang’i. Kuna ngeus wengi out there eligible for your needs, mbona unatafuta single room ya serikali?


Pervert. Mods nini hii? Idiadmin kubaff.

age of consent in kenya ni …nisimulikwe priss…just asking

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Hiyo ilifaa uwe ulishanunia postenor day 1 na uchape kitu DFNKNHBZMM alafu ukate story. But saa hizi her footsteps are being trailed by anonymous huko inje waiting to pounce at the right moment.

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If she is a school girl just avoid the best way possible especially if you come from the same surroundings. The risks involved are not worthy it

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Just avoid underage kids coz it ain’t right and she’ll make you get 20 years in jail as a rapist.

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exactly the way she agreed so easily made me suspicious what if she has been dry frying reclessly with her teenager BF would I not be jumping into a fire I did not light ?

If there’s grass on the lawn play ball. [ATTACH=full]121740[/ATTACH]

pedophile alert! this is so wrong

Tomba mtu alafu urushwe Kamiti

@Osirisis =@Lien. Unatupima wazimu?

Game yako iko chini aje mpaka unaendea watoi? THIS IS PATHETIC.


Sex pest alert

Being a pedophile is addictive after the 16 yr old you’ll want to try 14 then 12 and eventually get imprisoned .So once you go down that road there is no coming back.