HELP (Orange Network)

I just travelled to KITUI yesterday and today the network aint registering? Mind you, I used it late morning and everything was okay. Now my phone shows only an “X” at the network signal bars.

Can’t contact customer care!!!

@introvert, usijaribu kupost hio lorry yako ya osungu.dll

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Itarudi jioni kayua ka kitui kakitua

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I am just heading back to Nairobi and was wondering if it’s just KITUI or if it’s countrywide.

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Orange and Airtel are just good within Nairobi. Safaricom is the only sure bet

SafariCORN is a sure bet but Orange is taking over on Voice Calls. I only use SafariCORN on data only.

That is news to me. Nobody I know uses Orange and I know a lot of people

Hehehehe…Ni ukweli lakini. I only know one

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Now you know one, that is @Chloe

Mrembo, you probably forgot to pack the network in a network-tight container. I hope you didn’t forget to pack water as well.

Ni uchawi. Hayo ni mapepo. Enda ona ndakitali Malonza kutoka hapo Kitui kwa vonza

Probably you’ve set your phone network to ‘3G only’ and maybe there’s no 3G there and thus your phone couldn’t pick the available 2G network. Next time you experience such a problem set ur phone to automatically pick the available network option.


I’m on Orange for those who care to know but network sucks of late. There was a power blackout last week and the whole network went with it.
#Team Orange

Orange imeuzwa na mnang’ang’ania kukaa tu hapo? Zima hiyo simu alafu uwakishe tena. Problem solved na ulipe consultation.

hOrange becomes Helios tafakari hayo…

Helios made equity what it is, I trust it

dial ##4636## to choose network yenye itafit uko

Orange is a political network!!!