help network speeds

am intending to purchase a safaricom home fibre plan of 5mbs for 2500. I rate it pocket friendly because the installation is free and also it comes with a free route . now the question is does it mean with that speed I will be downloading a 2gb movie within 7mins only . wadau nisaidieni hapo

If you have unlimited connection, why download when you can just stream HD content?

I think with that speed may be 4k movies can buffer

Great speeds no need to download movies lipia tu netflix

hio 5mbps unaangalia Iptv bila buffers… movies Kama 1k kwa iptv…
Hio speed iko fine mostly itakutake hyo 10min kudownload hio 2gb

alipie iptv… Apate 800+ channels and over 1k vod yaani series na movies

Hiyo 7 mins, 10 mins sijui mnatoa wapi


coverage ya safaricom fibre imefika wapi in nairobi

Downloading 4k movies needs a lot of storage space.

Hiii yako ni theory n not reality. Download speeds are influenced by several factors.

@Emamba kama ni torrents with good no of seeders then in 10minutes your movie will be done. Other servers depend on server speeds, kama Mega upload huwa fast, open cloud too so kitu 10-30 mins.

These are all from experience. Juu niko na hiyo package

acha ujuaji mingi. hata simple division imekushinda?

2 GB = 16,000 Mbits

16,000 Mbits / 5 Mbits per second = 3200 seconds = 0.888889 Hours.

And this is the best case scenario.

Hiyo 10-30 minutes sijui unatoa wapi

There is theory and ujuaji then there is reality.
There are good isp’s then there is Zuku which you use

So, you want to claim his calculations are wrong?

Ni uongo… Mi hutumia 2mbps na Simalizi 1hr nshamada movie

Ushawai jiuliza what that 2mbps means for you?

everyday I learn something new.

leo nimejua gari inaenda 50 km/h travelling from Nairobi to Thika (approx 50 km) inaweza fika in 10 minutes :eek:

ni 1hr if e road is straight na hakuna jam inaeza fika less… na hata kama ni 50km/h na njia iko na ma corners unaeza fika ata in 2hrs

Likewise ukiwa na 50mbps, movie ya 2gb inadownload na 20 seconds flat!!![ATTACH]163313[/ATTACH][ATTACH]163313[/ATTACH]

Ulisomea shule gani? Bado iko ama matiang’i aliifunga?

masomo ni theory tu. weka gari kwa barabara uone ikifika na 10 minutes