Help needed

My friend applied for a US Visa and it has taken a month without being processed, when she track online she is told that it is undergoing adminstrative process and once it’s granted she will be contacted. Her problem is that some of her workmates got with 3 days yet they are working in same company. What is she supposed to do yet she is supposed to report to work this Jan?
Any help will be appreciated.

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Sorry a US visa (unless it’s a green card) should not take that long. Was she consistent in her answers? Americans are very choosy, I remember a group of church members were invited to the states for a conference; however, some were granted visas while others were denied. If Americans feel you’ll overstay in their country, they will deny you a visa.

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Sometimes they take time to do their investigations/clearance

Did she pay the 4,200 visa fee after the interview? They usually do that for “suspicious” application or choose at random, the best is for her to await on the timelines given. Was she sent a questionnaire and did she respond to it? or write to them on [email protected]. Otherwise Us embassy treats people like they are going to heaven