Help needed here

So i have this new hot catch of mine we were chatting all through the day and he promised me a sleepover this month…He is from Britain but will be visitin Kenya later this month. Now the problem is that he wants anilingus which have never performed before but ill have to do it to him. For those conversant with rimming. What are the Dos and Donts to make a memorable experience?
p.s @uwesmake usilete mdomo yako inanuka mbuta imeoza hapa…

@Deorro anaweza kusaidia

Acha kuwa mtu random sana nkt

We arent in talking terms with @Deorro alinikosea sana

Endea practice lessons kwa @Gay Lord XII … kabla uimport ukimwi na ukule mavi ya mzungu.

@admin @old monk @Electronics4u monobolic @mundumulosi you know in Kenya faggotry is frowned upon, why are you entertaining it?

Suck His dick as you are used to,Manwhore…



@unataka kujua ili @uliza nyanyako @mbwa wewe @satan

There was this club called Tacos in town. Went there once but naskia ilifungwa kitambo. It was for people like you “sisi kwa sisi” squad. Went in, saw two guys kissing, vomited on the floor and got kicked out by the bouncer. You should try and locate such clubs where people like you hang out. Am sure kunazo Nai

why do faggots smell like poop 24/7 ?

:D:DTacos Kimathi Street ama ile ya Opp kenya cinema ?

Unaona vizuri club inaitwa Takos na unaingia tu.


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Kimathi Street…ilibadilishwa ikaitwa i-club…then ikafungwa

When was that?

good question

I’m not your age mate. Mere Mortal.