Help my cousin.

Mashida zilikuwa zimepungua lakini bado mambo yafuatayo yanamsinya:

  1. Wife has refused to cook in the house. All the cooking and serving is done by the house help.
  2. If he sends the wife to get something for him e.g water, she refuses and tells him to get for himself.
  3. Wife has refused to take warm bathing water for him to the bathroom like she used to do in the past.
  4. Wife is saying he must finish paying dowry as if she has a share to benefit.
  5. Wife is irritated by very small things e.g not flushing toilet after urinating

Women are like pets, they test boundaries… for example, kunguru akiitisha 200 leo kesho ataitisha 400… hizi ni bangi anapimwa stand your ground and drill who wears the pants kwa nyumba into her female brain ama atagawiya hadi makanga

Ambia cousin to style up and stop living in the 18th century by asking the wife to warm bathing water and take to him to the bathroom.Anunue nyumba yenye iko na hot shower and bathtub or move into a house that has.
No right thinking woman can be comfortable living with a man with zero sense of ablution.

Who still uses basins to shower???


They have a shower but the guy wants to bathe using hot water in a basin.

They have a shower but the guy likes bathing using hot water in a basin.

:D:D:D… uko na ujinga usitubebe ivo. Nilikuambia cousin yako if he really exists yeye sio mwanaume hana tofauti na kipii. Bure kabisa.


Huyu ni yeye…anajua hadi fine details aje :smiley:

Acha kutubeba ivo…huyu ni wewe @ChifuMbitika :D:D

Nope, he is a stupid troll…

Huyo cuzo wako ndio anahitaji nyahunyo.
Ati wife refuses a b & c…
Kwani mwaume ni nani kwa hio nyumba ?

It appears there’s been a major breakdown in communication. Has your cousin always been faithful and treated his wife right?

Hapo ndio shida iko.If the cousin gets rid of this ushamba he will have sorted 90% of his marital problems.

What if ni peasant?

I see new thread “help my cousin” najua tu ni @ChifuMbitika ameshikwa balls na wife but comes here trolling us with “my cousin”

Viwete and other disadvantaged men get more respect than this so your cousin should just kill himself. He is the kind that encourages feminazi virus to grow and spread.
Does he even know the meaning of being the man of the house?


Shifo ndiye ameona moto. Hakuna Kazo hapa.