Help me understand

There is something i don’t understand about myself. I think i am a bit handsome. Problem is i get a lot of high interest from women but it fades fast and they ghost me. It has become a common occurrence that i can even predict. I think part of problem could be am nice maybe or i dont call or text them often…i dont understand


Enda pale Warriors channel telegram kwa Amerix uwaaambie ivyo watakuambia jibu

Is it maybe that you need to finish school first and get good grades to make your mother happy? Or maybe primary school boys are all liked by girls as pets or maybe I don’t understand also.

Such nonsense should be addressed to kilimani mums…

Tombwa mapua ukalale

wewe ni mujinga.
Don Juan Herod Advice :
1.Once women have sent indicators of interest, don’t wait for women to put up the billboard saying ‘‘fuck me I’m ready’’ you’re the MAN - just get to the point -don’t hide your sexual agenda…

2.People (men and women) tire of beauty without social grace.

3.Don Juan Herod V can teach you these things at small fee.

…you are sending them signals unknowingly…they are wondering why can’t you be a man enough and approach them ujitete…it has nothing to do with looks sasa ma pointi kama @Agwambo watasema nini.:D:D

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sijui ile chura yangu ilienda wapi? @Abba

agwas @Addi Teacher amemaliza kukutomba utulie

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so wanawake ndio wanafanya unafikiria uko na shida? coz they dump u?
okay why dont u find one of them bitches who dumped u and make her so angry…make it ur conscious mission to make her so angry.
she will tell u every bit of problem theriz abt u.

Mbwa wewe

Roadmap to start being gaaay

Sometimes back ulikua unatusi @administrator na your best matusi in your dataset. Leo umeanza kubow before him like a ngetai. Ghaseer sana.

Ulilipia hiyo chura ghasiier

Maybe you are just as dull as the way you come across in your posts.