Is there any difference between internship, graduate trainee and management trainee?

Yes. There is a difference.


tell us the difference

Sio spellings ??

In Internship, newly graduated individuals are given a limited period to work in an organization for the purpose of gaining experience. In most cases, interns are not paid and work under close supervision of experienced staffs.

In graduate trainee, a corporation recruits top recently graduated, or almost graduating students from institutions of higher learning with an aim of training them and offering them long-term employment opportunities. Graduate trainees are given a chance to experience various departments in the company and then settle for their best fit after the training.

In management, the aim and process is the same as that of graduate trainee but focus is on management positions.

There is a difference, internship gives you an opportunity to gain work experience without a guarantee of being employed at the end of internship and internship can be carried out while still a student. A trainee whether graduate or management, the essence is to give training on the workings of an organization with a view of absorbing the trainee as an employee if the trainee cuts the grade, graduate and management is only an indicator as to where a trainee is likely to be deployed at the end of the training.