Help me understand this creatures

This mpango alianza madharau so nikampatia blackout 2 months. She knows @jmoy friday morning hrs ako in the house … 5 calls all nikilega this morning. All over a sudden, knock at the gate - it’s her!. now she starts to tell me how she is hot bla bla bla, nikamshow @jmoy ako busy with office work akanyage kubwa! Akaniambia anaenda but she will be back later in the day.

I don’t want this shit anymore and am celibate now, but what goes on in the mind of this creatures? ([SIZE=2]tangu niache umalaya hizi kucreatures zinanichanganya na hizi childish puzzles[/SIZE])

Mimba sio yako?

Cramming an entire periodic table and the logistics of flying to Mars in a day is easier than trying to understand women in 768 years

Mpe mti banaa, women have needs too. Anyways, kamata hii, woman is a mystery.

I have noticed that the day that I have decided I no longer want anything to do with various chiqs, ndo huwa wanatext kwa fujo. Sijui kuna shetani flani huwaambia Thanos hataki story yako ama niaje.

Kijana make up your mind. Are you married ama wewe ni bachelor?

ending 60 yrs with wife and 2 kids living their best life on earth … am a mzee.

I know you are a wanker but ni sawa tuu. Try not to have memory ya warthog.

Today’s generation that does not respect their elders

She has a thing or two for you…kama sio mimba ni STI.

Mimba she is in 3 yrs family planning, labda STI but have never dryfryd her

Wallet yako ni kama friesian ya delamere?

Simp problems! :smiley: Kunguru atakuja aje mpaka mlango yako bila kukuambia unless anajua wewe ni idle simp mwenye hawezi kua na mwanamke mwingine kwa nyumba.

:D:D:D… your hekayas are as believable as weight loss ice-cream.

She knows fridays i go ofisini @11pm pale upperhill until 6pm - i have to go close all weeks business and go through the books. Kijana this is a woman who can employ you though

Sawa book keeper. Make sure hesabu ziingiane leo.

Leta CV hapa upperhill i can upgrade your career


Mimi niambilie internship nikimaliza shule, I’m doing a technical course (somewhere in the lines of engineering), CV yangu ni swafi (no experience in the industry of course :D) alafu nimefanya certification kadhaa wa kadha.

The easiest way to understand a woman is to ignore her…

No thanks. Sina hata CV, I am an employer and have never been employed and I am not about to be employed. Pengine ningekupea company profile uskume biz but nitapea mdosi wako baadaye.