Help me preserve/disseminate this important scientific paper

Hallo negroes!
Please help me preserve/dissemminate this important scientific paper on HIV/AIDS. The arguments in it make a great deal of sense, even if you don’t agree with them.
The powerful pharmaceutical-industrial complex has forced the paper to be retracted, and it is no longer appearing on Google searches!
I think even my Ktalk thread on the article has been rubbed (I didn’t know that the pharmaceutical-industrial complex is so powerful).
Sometimes I wonder, if the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is so true, why won’t they allow honest scientific debate on it? Why are any alternative views, however well-grounded scientifically, promptly obliterated?

unataka kugraduate na haujamaliza project? :D:D:D:D:D

aids is big business… finding a cure or something that works would be disastrous for big pharma

Ule msee atadiscover cure ya cancer na HIV and get solid patents will become very wealthy and help humanity immensely. Sana sana cancer because that is the new death sentence.

You see, the paper argues that HIV is not the cause of AIDS (and offfers scientific evidence to support that statement). The people speaking/quoted in the paper are not some marginal backstreet quacks, but scientists with the same credentials as the one who push the HIV causes AIDS chorus.

If HIV is not the cause of AIDS, why does AIDS only happen to HIV patients? Anyway, my knowledge on this subject is almost zero so I can’t possibly argue on their level regarding this subject.

But it is a sad state of affairs, where people who are otherwise feeling healthy are pushed to go for HIV tests. Then once they are found to be ‘positive’ they are put on very strong, very toxic medications that inevitably mess them up. It becomes hard to figure out whether the immunity damage is caused by the HIV or by the HIV medications. You know that some medications do mess up with immunities. There is an even sadder situation where folks who are negative are now told to take the same very strong, very toxic medications in the name of PREP/Post exposure prophylaxis. I would understand, if someone is very sick, and on their deathbed, being subjected to such medications. But niggers who are otherwise healthy, why subject them to such? Are profits this important?

you can’t buy cars, private jets and hoes with zero monies:D:D:DMartin Shkreli is the perfect example

Far from it! You find lots of individuals who have the so-called AIDs-defining diseases, yet they are HIV negative.
On the other hand, you find individuals who are HIV positive, yet they never develop the so-called AID-defining diseases (in spite of them not taking the supposed meds).
If we had a situation where only individuals who are HIV positive developed the AIDS-defining diseases, then the idea that HIV causes AIDs would hold true.
It doesn’t mean that people should be careless/promiscuous. Just that the excess HIV paranoia should be done away with. You now have extreme cases of individuals who are unwilling to get married ati juu wanaogopa ukesh. That is the extent to which our people have been indoctrinated/brainwashed.

As I said before, I am not knowledgeable enough to provide valuable intelligence on this subject. Maybe the doctors and nurses huku can tell us whats up.

It does go overboard :smiley:

Poa Poa. The linked paper is meant for the doctors, who can understand the arguments in it. Still, I believe that it is a valuable paper that shouldn’t be lost. It is written by doctors, and it is rare because not many doctors want to venture into those corners because they don’t want to be blacklisted. The folks who did the paper were very brave and I felt that their effort shouldn’t go to waste.