Help me out.

So I’ve been dating this dude for a while now and he’s nice, no qualms about that. He has the potential to be the one. But his game in the bedroom is really wanting though. He doesn’t go down on me yet i do. So i asked him why he doesn’t go down on me and he didn’t give me a conclusive reason yet i think it would compensate for his inadequacy in the bedroom. So how do i tell this man to up his game because he’s really nice and i really don’t want to cut things off but i have my needs. And why do men find it such big of a deal to go down on a chick?

Don’t say why do men…say why do “some” men…me I go down on a mwoman.

And to men who don’t go down on yr mwoman soon utacheswo

hygiene issues maybe !!!

Tell him bluntly, do not hint. We are poor at hints.

It’s the only way to get a straight forward reply but be ready, it may be because of you and not him

you have a smelly pussy…or worse have cases of un- ending fungi infections

Not every frustration points to a “problem” that needs to be solved, but rather more of a puzzle to be figured out.
Look for a time when you are both alone, in a private space, to bring up the topic and be specific or maybe your body shape ain’t that good.


Mimi siwezi @Bingwa Scrotum alisema oral sex is carcinogenic.

Uko nyuma mseh…it’s the in thing nowadays. Here in Europe if u go to bed with a woman and u don’t go down south na amekupa Bj utabebwa kama nongwe. I believe hata Kenya it’s the same.

A person who doesn’t go down south ubebwa kama jamaa using simu kabambe…and those who lamba ni watu smart phone.

Mimi minimum time limit pale chini ni 10minutes of serious mlambano and am good…v.good…ukiwa adjacent room when am doing it utaskia mwoman akitoa manduru za sweetness with the nyceness

Sii lazma utumie mdomo. You can use your nose to flick her bean and if its long enough you can fuck her with it.
Hapo ume epuka cancer


you mean thats a good enough reason to dump a guy?? izi standards joh!!

thats not African thing to down mwoman i dont do that and i dont think i will ever do that true african MAN do eat shit :eek:

labda ulikojolea mdomo yake… okay am assuming going down on u ni kulamba senye?, just let him know how want it done, bado anaogopa kuilamba labda, if he refuses he has a reason which if his the man u claim he is mata reason, inadequacy in bed, please when seeking advise stop using ambiguous words, Inadequate in size or time spent pumping, if size kwani unataka awe punda, basi kanunue sups but side effect kibao, if he cant go the full shots check on diet energy levels low or libido low, whats ur priority, Bedroom man or Ideal Man? you cant have both so get ur chieth straight

Tafadhali taftia @Gio nyumba hapo kando awe neighbor, ataacha hizi friendzone zake akiskia soundtrack

sawa daddy tumekuskia :p:rolleyes:

U beat me to it bro…hehehe

You have a smelly punani, period. Utalazimisha mtu akule meffi in the name of love making?:eek::eek::eek:

hehehe buda. she needs help, ikiwa burungo inanuka suggest to her what she can do please E.G. wash with Rosemary and Lemon juice twice a day

Imetosha, hii yako ni hekaya umeficha sasa