Hello everyone, I am moving out but I am not too sure of cost of living. Please guide me on how to live off ksh.45,000 (net). I started a ka-small business so I need to inject money in it for atleast 12 months. I also do not drink alcohol or do those sorts of things. Discretionary income is needed to just do things like buy a shirt, shoes, etc. once in a while.

Rent (one bedroom)
Zuku - 2900
Safaricom PostPay - 1000
HELB - 500
Business (high risk investment) - 10000
Stocks (low risk investment) - 5000
Savings (rainy day fund) - 5000
Parents - 4000
Discretionary - 2500

@Azor Ahai … kindly do the needful and advice how to survive on 0.00045 of $1m

Kama wewe ni bachelor thats enough na ubaki ya lanye

By my calculations unabaki na 15k. Considering unataka 1 bedroom plus pesa ya kucommute si hiyo pesa imeisha ama. hapo nitakwambia tu make more money. there’s no saving that will help you.

Endelea kuishi pale ulikuwa unaisha for another 6 months kama unasave pesa zako kuhamia 1 bedroom na 45k utajistress bure.

My opinion, Rent punguza or avoid by sticking it in where you are for a while or start off with a bedsitter/studio hii najua watu wengi hawataki kusikia/kuambiwa,you aren’t working to enrich a landlord. There are very many spacious studios that accommodate bachelors well, you can think of upgrading to a 1bedroom when earning slightly closer to double or more.
Pesa excess invest tartgeting financial freedom or invest in yourself goal being future returns na usiwai ingia mitego za clubbing, ‘silipi more than 150’ na visokorokwinyo wa mjini.

kuna professa alinyongwa kwa studio apartment banae
1 bedroom ni birrioneas

Hii palaglaph apa muhimu sana

Toa parents kwa budget. Utawazoesha vibaya.

Can you estimate rent, KPLC and water?

is there a way to redo the budget?

I am looking for a 10k house whether 1 bedroom or bedsitter that’s my budget. What I want to know is how much would sustenance cost for a bachelor? Food-KPLC-Water

I have to give my parents money man. It’s not even a lot

Bringing you a very meaningful thread ya mwankijiji mwenzetu who used to earn exactly like you. You’ll find alot of advice on that thread plus his expenditure you’ll be surprised at what a disciplined bachelor can do with a 45K salary, @Itchy Nerdy atakuwa mirrionea very soon.

Achana na huyo mujamaa. You don’t have to explain yourself … I send Mr & Mrs. Njoro money every month not that they depend on it.

Here are some few peasantry pointers to get you started:

  1. Go for a besitter. After all, uko job the whole day, na pia na assume the remaining time you are out checking your budding biz or something. Mbona ulipie space kubwa yenye hutumii?

  2. 3k kwa net is an overkill for someone just starting out. Ongea na jirani m cost share. I paid io kitu once, nikaona ni upuzi, since most of the time niko job anyways. Jirani yangu hulipia yake, then namjenga 900 tunaiitumia pamoja.

Alternatively, if you intend to live next to a University/college, register your zuku account as a student. Hapo utakua unalipa 4k per semester for 3mbps. This translates to about 1k per month.

  1. Shirts, shoes, khakis, jeans, iko covered kwa another thread hapa- tafuta. Enda eistleigh utafute old mandera mall- basement. Huko ndo retailers and hata some wholesalers hutoa vitu.
    Very nice & classy shirts utapata na 650-700bob. Soft khakis, good quality pia 650. The same apparel are sold North of 2k in most places.

  2. Food for a single person; Hapa kukula kwa hoteli vs kujipikia hua more less the same. It boils down to the available time and preference on quality of food.

  3. Is shopping part of your expenditure?

  4. Hapo kwa wazazi ni personal. You know how far they have brought you, and there must be a reason why you settled on that amount.

  5. Since ua hukati maji at all hapo pia sita comment. However, I know of a cuzo, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, not a ladies man. It’s still a mystery penye ua anapeleka pesa, juu he is perenially broke. I hope wewe si huyo mse.

Happy savings 2022.

On a different note… I’ll be the newest mirrionaire in the village come January 1st. :smiley: :D…

Wisdom ya hii kijiji imenijenga vimajor… @Tryz Tafuta threads zote za savings ukue unasoma daily

Comb me. Huwa unaweka ngapi? Say per month? Or what’s the strategy?

Asande sana for this.

Wacha naleta Eastleigh guide applies to consumers/business people hata pinkies are covered.