{HELP} Kings springs vs Generic

Hey guys,
The annual sale at Oriel Kenya is on…just when I wanted to install new springs on my Nissan Note. They’re selling each spring at 4,300 and free installation. The guys at Grogon are however quoting 2,500 per spring and 2K for installation.
New car owner here, so what’s the better option?

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4,300 is a good deal.
My nissan tiida was quoted at 40k all 4!
Go for kings springs hapo parklands.
U will never regret. They are durable, dont affect the smoothness of the ride, and will spare your shocks.

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na hizi gari za leaf springs?..are leaf springs replaced ama they last a life time?

Parklands wapi?

Hapo pizza inn karibu na parklands police station. Kuna shop ya subaru mainly with original monroe shocks and kings springs

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Matatus and pick ups do it all the time

I think kuna time huvunjika. But they do last almost life time

If it is a car you plan to keep for a long time go for the oriel ones.

I did. Got OBK springs

I also have OBK heavy duty on my jalopy. They are not that bad.

Replace only when they break. Incidentally, it’s easy to convert coil to leaf spring as well.

Shocks mzuri ya nissan note zinapatikana wapi?

Oriel Kenya, Msa Road.

Oriel Kenya. They have offers now

and how does shit like this happen[ATTACH=full]140439[/ATTACH]

Well, is that the right spring spec for that car?

Too much stress onto the spring. The car also seems to be made from carbon

I got this deal. And now I am regretting it. I now have a stiff, rough car.

Hi. This was in which car? Did you get obk or kings? Has the ride height improved ? Advise I want to know if its better I get OEM or these

I recently visited oriel to get king springs for my subaru legacy but they adviced that obk would be better since king springs will make the car too stiff. Anyone else with this kind of experience?