Help with importing from china…
Any person/agent in this biness…i want to import some light stuff and at the same time, trying to avoid ati sijui CIF, FOB, CIP and other customs

Kama nini? name them i give you the site.
Ushuru lazima utalipa, one way or another. Either through bribing or actual taxes.

What are you importing?

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get me at [email protected].
hii ndio hustle yangu

fity buda

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importing several pieces of phones…external harddisks, flashdisks, flozas

I think someone who has a container can really help since

Nataka floza kumi zikifika

hapo sawa

omwami floza ni nini ? …siipati kwa google hehe

i need to import rings and small cheap jewelry in general. the shipping fee is like 88 times higher than the actual price of what i wanna buy.

pls advice

Hehe. Thread ya may? That’s really serious. Are you using DHL?

havent even completed my order. just picked my first lot which costs $1.99 and the shipping fee was $44 :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: its aliexpress

so im putting it onhold till the money makes sense

I could ship it for you at a cheaper rate

lemme get my orders then inbox you, yes?


I need some indoor antennas the ones that comes pre packaged with the Startimes decoder

like a hundred pieces. inbox me the price