Help, I'm always smiling at funerals

I have a problem. I can’t help but smile at funerals.

I really try to be serious and frown like everyone else, but the more I try the more my face just breaks into a small smile.

I always really feel sorry for bereaved family and friends but I’m unable to register the feeling on my face.

How do you guys manage to look so sombre?[ATTACH=full]171432[/ATTACH]

Are you collecting chins?

You dont need any advice neither should you change your funny behavior ,furthermore, the Bibles states:-
in Ecclesiastes 7:2 : It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart.

he he…he has two already?

Pia mimi nina hio shida.Last week but one we buried my grandma,we were very close but i never felt a tear nor any bad while all family members were fainting and crying all over

I get you 100%. Sijui nianze kunywa ndimu before such events.

vaa mask…

Sometimes it depends with the age. Death of an aging person, is kind of a relive unlike a youth. Kama angekua yuts hapo unefeel.

Hata ya youthman.Kuna beshte yangu alikuwa ni kama bro.Alipass na sikuhisi kulia hata,i felt bad inside ni kama sina chochote ndani ya mwili but machozi haikuja.Just feeling Empty and confused

You need to see Kalumanzila…

Not wishing this on you but if you can smile at your kid’s, mom, dad or a siblings funeral then you are the man.


Me too, another thing is that I’m always loitering, nasemanga mazishi nitakaa hadi ishe ni yangu. That’s when i get time to explore the area,naenda tu kutupa mchanga


Go to only funerals of people you actually care about and you will stop smiling.

It’s a stage you will outgrow it

Afande bado unapigwa na bandits kwa kichaka ama walikupeleka toll statio uokote hamsa?

Nilirudishwa HQ, juu ya issues kiasi.

Huko njaa ni Mingi bana,Vumilia tu shida ni wakutume Suguta valley