Help: I Wanna Quit abusing holy plant

Guys i need help i wanna stop abusing the trees it is really affecting my day to day activities/my general life. It is making me lazy. Please help or recommend a solution that my help me change my own habit,

Any help will be appreciated.


Tafuta hobby

you are holding the rope. just drop it and continue walking.

Stop smoking.

Furutia kwa o.b ukuwe mahabusu ,jela ni rehab muzuri.


Graduate to stronger herbs, kick it and leave us a thriving economy with visions we might never achieve, but hope we will somehow

You have fessed up to your problem. On the interwebs.
Now go fess up to those you live with…

just stop puffing it,you acting like it’s an addiction.

Trust me quitting is very easy you just need the will.

I smoked sigara for 12 years and on my birthday I decided to give my self a present by quitting na mpaka Leo sjai guza.

My brother @wildfrank , How are you?

Am doing fine mwalimu…

Marijuana is not addictive. You smoke because you want to and have nothing better to do with your time. I speak from experience. You can quit weed anytime you want. Note the word “WANT”.

Wewe unavuta bangi unakua mjinga…wachana nayo na uanze ka strungi boss