Help.I need a budget phone 20-25k

Which brand of android telephony ranging from 20-25k would you recommend



Apart from calling , what do you use your phone for mostly?
If you not interested in brand , check out cubot or redmi note… The cubot is on jumia and has amazing specs for the price, there’s one that’s going for 14k and another for 23k I think.

@Deorro any reviews on cubot ?

hawa wanataka camera iko na Simu


Nipe mkia upate s8 roho safi


Hiyo ni powerbank


Phone ingine down sana

Ulikuwa na model gani specific and what led you to that conclusion?

huawei gr5 2017


Niko na dryspell …ndio kutoka Siberia nilitupwa huko na NGOMBE za @admin meffi…miaka tano bila kuma …labda mkia please


Vile avicii amesema

Angalia oppo

I dont like the ui, niliona note 3 the experience was underwhelming…,
Try renowned models which have been here for long…

Eg as a lady she can try samsung j7 the latest model it is stylish and reliable…or huawei gr5/gr3

Or htc e9 or 828

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Chukua hii hapa


Kuro ya kirinyaga rudi Siberia yenye umetoka.
Wi mwega?


Miui is a great ui, way better that touchwiz and emui
Xiaomi sends frequent updates too with new features. Hizo Samsung na Huawei zako utapewa update moja na uambiwe ukauke

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But if u can import, you then can get much more decent phones especially from amazon india…

Or kama waeza try lg g3…

When choosing a phone look at this fsctors

The type of the screen- at least a 1080p (400ppi>>>>)
A good battery life - above 3000mah
At least the latest firmware, at least! At least android 6 and above…( You’ll enjoy your android if its running on the latest android software)
Also of you are willing to spend some good money on a phone you should choose something with good aesthetic… invest on a flagship phone which is good looking and attractive…a good looking phone can improve your demeanor

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I’ve heard enough of those Chinese phones. .