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Iko hivi. Mnigga ako na kiu ya kuendeleza masomo. But hustle pia lazma iendelee. Sasa a thought has crossed my mind. I’ve heard of people attending their lectures online. Najua sooner or later safcom home internet will be here, then I’ll talk to my nigga @syndicate anirushie kalappy nifanyange course online.

So maswali ni haya, is it possible to attend the whole course online over the stipulated time, then what about exams, hapa niko sure lazma nita-attend physically, but I ain’t sure that’s why naulizia. Alafu fees or whatever they call it, nitalipia same as those attending physically?? Na kukitokea kitu kama educational tour?

Maswali ziko mingi, I can’t remember some I took lots of jug daniels last night, but I’ll greatly appreciate it if you guys will lemme know each n every detail no matter how trivial ndo nijipange mapema. I’ll be here taking notes n replying where I feel I haven’t understood something.

Sandeni sana.

@introvert as you can see mnigga hajaenda uni so any grammatical error correct them in silence n peace. Pier der

most times exams you will have to be physically there, unless otherwise stated.

I see

Nice question. @culture hii ni yako.

Mbona unaita umama kwa thread?? Cheza chini @baba Panya

It depends on the institution but what i am sure of ni fees utalipa kidogo kuliko those who attend classes physically. Some institutions will send you notes and assignments online and ask you to attend classes physically for 2 weeks before exams while others will only ask you to come in for exams only. Best thing to do is go to the Uni you want to do your course and ask for more infor. on how to go about it, they will gladly give you all the infor. you need and from there you will be certain. Hope this helped.

Most universities have Distant Learning modules. From what I know is that you will apply and get admitted, attend an orientation program at the beginning of the semester/Trimester, collect materials for the units you are doing. Then you go home and wait for assignments on email. Other communication will also be done on e-mail too. Come exam time, you will have to avail your ass at the campus and sit for the papers. Thank you very much.

Thank you too

How long will the orientation program take?

Hii self learning inahitaji discipline otherwise mtihani itakulemea or you wont gain a thing.
Alternatively if you can get course iko na evening classes can be better

Discipline kivipi??

I’m very far away away from the nearest university or college in this area. It’ll take me a day, depending with the weather, to get to the nearest town

Takes 3 days -one week. But like @Deorro says, Distant Learning can be a challenge especially to a guy like you who seems to enjoy indulging in Jug Daniels. Evening or weekend classes are better coz you establish groups that you revise with and help out with notes whenever you miss class. Me there are units I had to do the DL way na moja ikanikanganya mpaka i had to steal my way into class.

You are afraid of leaving your comfort zone and facing new challenges

Akuna cha comfort zone, hii ni base yangu ya hustle

Kuna vitu zingine inabidi mtu atake very serious

Kama ni business course unataka, Hapo distant Learning module ni swafi kapsaa. Mzazi alikua anadhani niko full time but niko DL mbaya sana . CATs and Assignments unatumiwa kwa portal yako unapewa wiki kama mbili za kusubmit. Time ya exam ndio unafika physically. Chance ya Kufail ni next to zero.

Hapo kwa discipline sana. Otherwise he may end up taking 7 yrs for a 4yr course.