Help here-How do you part with a pregnant woman?

I am in a fix here and need some advice.
There is this mama nguo who has been working at our place for while. She has a daughter who has been coming to do the cleaning. I do not know how to put but one thing led to another and this girl is pregnant. She appears confused, not knowing what to do. She got a B+ and she wants to join campus.
Sasa, I am also heading to Japan, my mom having succeeded in securing a partial scholarship. Sa hii I am busy trying to master basic Japanese.
Problem is she wants me to ‘help’ her. How the fnck do I help her? Keep in mind as I have said her mother does these stupid jobs of washing other people’s clothes. This is a girl you would not want ever to been seen with by your peers. Already, she was privileged that I had time for her and she entered my bedroom.
She insists she must join campus. I have told her not to let ambitions get into her mind. Already should consider herself lucky that her mom managed to educate her through high school. Those from slums like her have not had that privilege.
I have tried to convince her that joining campus will be a waste of time as her mother wont even succeed in educating her. She will drop out. Sasa, been telling her to relocate to her mom’s village and hole up there. Her mom is single. She will stay with her grandmom and she might even get a man there. In the village, she will forget about me.
Been trying to cut off links. managed to convince mom that the girl’s mom has been pilfering our stuff so her mother is out of our lives. but the girl still has my number.
I do not know but my friends would get disgusted seeing that I could sleep with a girl from kibera. Shame would drown me.
Again huyu msichana ni kama mjinga. She told me she has a boyfriend but cannot sleep with him and convince him that the pregnancy is his. How do I deal with this fool?
I cannot date her, leave alone anything else. Imagine someone heading to japan for his masters has a baby momma in kibera? Sounds complete sh*t.
abortion, well…again ,the fool is not into it. uoga mingi.
In short, how do I kick her out my life without hurting her or facing any repercussion especially monetary one in future?
I know many here have gone through this. How did you handle it.
Or I just go to Japan and melt into the world- though I fear she may tell my mom. At only 28 and enrolling for masters, rearing kids is the last thing in my mind.
TL;DR. I impregnated a girl way, way below my social class. Do not want anything to do with her. Want to leave her without any repercussions. i am heading to Japan for my masters.

waiting for comments

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You are stupid. Kwani watu wamefanya masters hawazai?
Talk to the girl. Let her keep the baby. She can join campus with pregnancy. “Her mother won’t be able to pay school fees for her” Are you dump? There is HELB. Assumes she gets 60k, she can still pay her fees which is around 25k ( I used to pay 18k few years ago).

You can support her. Hustle in Japan get the TEFL cert and teach English you will earn good bucks. Send money home to her.
I can’t imagine leaving “your own blood” suffering at the village.

Stupid Marica!

You got her mother fired so she couldn’t be able to take care of her daughter and your bastard child? Who shitted you?

u think u are in an upper social class than her?wait,go to japan,come back,forget about her,one day u will have a wife and your beautiful daughter will be impregnated by a chokoraa let alone a decent man from kibera.pride comes before a fall.

Man up nigga, ukifikisha threshold dryfry what were u thinking would happen. Ati masters

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Why is everybody overlooking the fact that this nigga is 28 with a degree, unemployed and living with his mum whom he is still depending on to further his education?

this is a curse my friend.dont disown your responsibility.why the heck did u go to a gal with a lower social class?who is more stupid?u r making me doubt the quality of education you r going to get in japan.if these are the types of men we have in kenya,then we have a pathetic youth

Thank you for telling us nothing!


how would you feel if u heard someone did the same to your sister n abandon her coz ur family is poor?is that what ur dad or mum taught u?that u go on fucking around bila cd then u abandon responsibility?shame on u again.

The karma that awaits you iko jikoni. When it’s ready it will hit you so hard like a Japanese tsunami. You lied that her mom was stealing, made her lose her cleaning job and now you wanna abandon a young girl you took advantage of…? Shindwe pepo chafu, ibilisi wewe!!