help from networking pros

I’ve been accessing this website and all of it’s links just fine until two days ago. Whenever I try accessing the login page using safaricom’s mobile data it doesn’t go passed the ddos cloudflare protection. Thing is whenever I use a different mobile carrier or wifi it works just fine. Nimeuliza most of my friends to try and access the website’s login page, but they’ve all reported the same problem. Could it be that cloudflare has blacklisted safaricom ama? Need help. Here’s the site:
Direct link to the login page: >login

Dial 100 on your safaricom line. It’s free and you can waste all your time their wakikusort.

VPN from safaricom connection

Tried that. Didn’t really do much. Funny thing is sai natumia safaricom’s WiFi and it’s working just fine, but when I switch to mobile data it stops working

Have you tried switching browsers

Yes. I’ve cleared the browser’s cache and histories countless times. Uninstalled and installed them all over again, but still nothing. Seems to be working great right now though, but that’s cause the website’s owners temporarily switched off from “under attack” mode on cloudflare.

If on desktop use Opera browser with the VPN toggled on and if on mobile (Android) install Proton VPN and try accessing the website.