help finding lost relatives-

Seeking a little bit of advice what would be the best way of finding my father in the Nairobi area - i dont even know where to start … i was looking for a regionald ndungu irungu …the kenya gazette says he passed away …and he lived in Nairobi and was from kiambu and he left behind children …i am keen to find out if they may be half sisters. One called naomi wanja irungu

what would be the best thing to do, ask a radio station in nairobi for help?

Claim that he left you some plots utaona venye watu watajitokeza


genius. pewa mbili baridi kwa bill yangu

Start by zeroing in where u suspect he had lived.
Then start with service providers, shopkeepers, berbers, watu wa public transport, local pucci provider and so on.
Someone somewhere knows him. If u have a photograph(s) of him is an added advantage, u never know what other aliases he might have used.
All the best.

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Just go to local TV stations and dailies

Newspaper and TV will reach a bigger audience.

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Mtu amehepa ako na reason let him stay lost .


His widow’s name may be more unique i.e. Ellen M. Kibato

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Meanwhile, post picha yake hapa wanakijiji waone.Who knows…?Someone may relate to him bro.


Jaribu uende kwa high court you bribe those clerks wakupe file ya hiyo case number 225 of 1994 and you take photocopies of the crucial pages, lazima kuna addresses, plot numbers juu naona kulikua na case ya estate ya huyo buda


Roots brother.Ni vizuri ajue kuliendaje so that he goes on with his life.

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Ndugu, ndugu yangu, usiweke picha yako hapa. This is an incognito village.

Following…But just a curious question. What brought you here? Did you join the village to just ask that one question?

Amepost tayari kwa Avatar.

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Unaweza pia tembelea law offices ama ufuate hii P.O.Box hapa chini.

By (1) Naomi Wanja Irungu and (2) Ruth Wambui Irungu, both P.O. Box 317–00202, Nairobi in Kenya, the deceased’s daughters, through Messrs. L. N. Muchira & Co., advocates of Nairobi, for a grant of letters of administration intestate to the estate of Ellen Muthoni Irungu, late of Kiambu, who died at Nairobi, on 1st September, 1995.

Seems like the address belongs to
Type : Hotels and Accommodation
Name : Fahari Gardens
Address : P.O. BOX 317-00202 KNH
Physical Address : 1.5 KM from Kangundo rd off the Eastern Bypass which can be accessed using the Airport North Road via Embakasi Garrison.
Tel : +254-20-8055471, +254-20-3573459, +254-729 399 858, , +254-738 098 280