Help, Elders
Hi, I have a problem. I married a lady who had just completed form 4 in 2014 January. I am an engineer by profession. By the time her Kcse result were out, she was already pregnant. She secretly aborted my kid under the influence of her classmates to go back and repeat coz she didn’t perform well… After this I offered to pay her fee to repeat form 4 but again she refused to repeat under the influence of her dad.
She became pregnant a second time and ran away to their home and stayed there for 5 months till she delivered on 2nd January 2015. She came back to my house and we continued to live. I visited her dad upcountry in2015 and built her dad a bigger house of 4rooms. I Also used to give her a lot of money…in2016,she became pregnant again and aborted…in 2017 she requested to start a business. I opened her a wholesale shop in Nairobi and never bothered to know how much she was making. She would send the profits to her dad and I only sensed danger when the shop was closing. When I asked her, she carried things from the house and went ahead to rent her own house on a nearby estate while I was at work.
I later talked to her dad and her dad called her to go home. She went home but I didn’t follow her there. Later her dad ordered her to return everything she had carried which she did…after 3 months, she came back and i still accepted her back…She looked changed and good so I took her to Ashley to study a course in hair dressing which she wanted. But something was a miss. She has never visited my upcountry home since her return in 2017, never visited the plots I bought in Nairobi and upcountry yet i have listed her as a beneficiary of the plots, doesn’t want my relatives…sexual starvation has been my means of survival and whenever am given,even once in a month, am very greatful and thank God for the rare opportunity…Before she finished her study in April this year, i began receiving info from neighbours that she told them she’s planing to leave me after completing her studies…She finished this April. In may, I gave her 35k to open a salon and bought her machines for a start. She squandered the money. Then come June, I resigned from my employment and started my company…I got my first contract in September…Its at this point that the lady carried things and went again to rent her house with my now 4years old son while I was away. I came back, tracked them and finally discovered where she was staying. We tried every means of dialogue but she refused to come back accusing me of prostitution etc…So I decided to let her go. My kid also turned against the mother and never wanted to see her. So I took the kid. The woman recently migrated from the house I knew to where I don’t know within Nairobi after threatening me with a knife.
Kindly advise.


no advice needed …join MGTOW

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since ianzishwe

I only needed to read the first paragraph to know that you’re a weak beta with a scarcity mindset who probably got completely exploited and destroyed by a below-average female. Meza red pill uache kusumbuliwa na mediocrity ya hizi kunguru.

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wangu alijaribu hio maneno, vumbi yenye aliona. within 3 months nilikuwa nimeleta mwingine and thus “ni kama video” zikaanza


The best advice I can give is to ask you to remove your boxer and check if you are man or manlet. If indeed you have what men have then go to mathare and let them check the level of madness in your head. That woman is a karumaindo associate and she believes you know but unfortunately you are sick in the head.

Engineers can’t be that dumb.