Help! Am falling in love with a DANGEROUSLY cute barmaid

Thanks, me thinks so too mate… There must be a catch huh!
Ain’t prepared to be a victim though.

Aki walai! Mimi kwisa pwane… :-/

Newsflash bruh! I doubt if that lounge, though trendy, imefika ata 4stars huh! #nkt

Let’s see you talk like that when the bug bites you baus :smiley:

Hawezi kosa ma sponsor… Tena wale wazito.

Is it possible that this particular chic can make enough to fuel that v8 daily and live in ‘kilee’ with her barmaid earnings?? I’d really wanna know the dynamics at play here guys.

… We must be talking about ‘very heavy’ sponsors here. I mean, a *cute barmaid that is stuck in a system that gets her to whip the highways with a v8 beast and park in ‘kilee’ like she put it to me huh!
Wanaume sisi kwisaa kaabisa!

Wah! #nkt

Anyway, I am not going to judge this chic, kwanza let’s just laud her efforts of being a HR graduant from @uon but the question that begs ni: How does she make this mullah??

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Actually, it is cos… When I talk to this chic, she listens intently. Her Japanese-eyes pierce straight into mine as I watch her, almost perfect beauty in disbelief.
What is an educated, sweet-looking chic like this doing as a barmaid? Is it the reason men haggle for a place at the bar area just to be served by her as they imagine things in their fuzzy heads? Do they even know what wheels she’s whipping the highways with or where she parks for that matter?
Mimi nimeamua to stay at a safe distance from this phenomenal chic cos the more acquainted I get to her, it’s like a magnet. Okay juzi ameniambia i help her out na 5k… Nikashindwa kukataa huh!


Super normal profits don’t last for long

Being a graduate from whichever university in Kenya is overrated. Fail KCSE and let your dad toil and enroll you to a low-grade parallel programme. Get to campus and give pussy to lecturers and white knights so there you have your homework done and grades doctored. If not, cheat during exams and get a second class upper then continue whoring yourself. I am certain that girl did one or more of these. No respect from me.


I hope you are speaking for yourself baus… R u trying to say the NYS milliz zitaisha kwa mifuko za wale walikula haraka upesi? Sidhani.

Noted sir

Auch! You spare no words my friend lollz!

…pls complete the statement, … who was ar … ?

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Plse finish statement…

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my batt died…'who worked at art caffe @VM as a waitress and paid her undergrad degree at daystar … disciplined women can plan since they dnt buy drinks and r nt extravagant as men do


That’s correct but not all men are bad. They plan well too.