Help A Kunguru: Is She Being Petty?



I am a 31-year-old woman who has been in many relationships since high school.
No engagements, however, although four of the men mentioned they wanted to marry me.
I lived with three of them.

I’m a former model, have almost completed my second master’s degree, and hold a steady government job.
I don’t understand why I feel so depressed just because no one has ever wanted to marry me.
I have wanted kids my entire life and thought I would have three before I was 30.
Now I cry every day thinking how I may never be in a relationship with anyone who will love me enough to marry me
or have kids with me because marriage never happened.

I have a college fund set up for my future children and have done everything in my life to prepare to be a mom.
I paid off my student loans early, got a car that was perfect for car seats, and a dog that’s a good breed for kids.
I just don’t know where to turn next.


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“It would be nice to have that additional income that my daughter deserves.”

The audacity of this woman is breathtaking. I’m lost for words! :smiley:

She is a former model, jijazieni.

Whoever will marry this one will daily be reminded of her achievements.

in some states spousal income is considered in child support…

@patco huuza @Mkush @RiverRoad

Nah! At RiverRoad mambo ni strictly straight affairs

Reason no.685,349 not to look at, entertain,date or marry a single mother

She is already married to a soldier.

:D:D:D… the entitlement is unreal. If she was asked to let the kid to go live with her father her pride won’t allow it. Someone need to refer her to Kevin Samuel apewe a good dose of reality.

I think about, when a nigga didn’t have
Then a nigga told a joke
And them bitches didn’t laugh

This one cannot be helped. She is petty and envious.

Your gilfriend is idle and greedy, Mangele. Call her up and quickly give her a son, so she will have her hands full learning how to raise a boy into a man. “It would be nice to have that additional income…” nyenyenyenye, Nonsense!

And when the nigga got this and this and this
That nigga’s the shit.

Damn it, DMX was a cold one

Hata mimi napita tu…

[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]Rated: STUPID

Cunt relate basungu problems.

Her and the husband are struggling due to the insatiable demands. Haikosi mzee volunteers to all missions just to get away