Help a guy out please

Hey guys, just some guy here asking for advice. So basically I am currently dating this transgender woman for about 4 months now. We have had sex multiple times but i have not yet suck her dick, because i think that is gay. Tbh i hate gayism so much. Do you think it is okay if i do it since she is a woman?

You are gay

Subbies subbies subbies

Just try with @Thirimaii and you will find out whether you like he will only be looking back to face your lover in the eye as he administers backshots.

What he said

She has a dik and a pussy? ama umekuwa ukiingia nyuma





Did the meaning of gayism changed? She is a woman, beautiful woman , dick doesn’t matter. Homophobic si poa

she’s only woman from the waist up, the other half has needs just like your lower half , suck that dick boiiiii!

Thanks for the referral

suck a woman’s dick?


Hermaphroditic problems cant relate


Gay thread detected…let us deal with baby mama dramas in peace

:D:D:D:D:D:D lakini @patco utamaliza hii kijiji na ujinga

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