Help a brother! PYT

Pliz assist I’ve tried to score a PYT but this mission is becoming futile?.how do you guyz do it?

Train your tongue. Learn to sweet talk them.

I have 3 words for you. Lanye. Lanye. Lanye

pussy should not be a pursuit, anything other than consent within 3 days of contact is a mind game aimed to drain ur resources, bonda poko, beat ur meat or get a pocket pussy, then get to back to mission…i am guessing uve spent thousands in buying airtime, gifts , gas etc na bado jana Friday usiku ukazimiwa simu juu stima ililost

Do not try too hard…desperation is not sexy.

Purchase scopolamine

Unaeza kuwa na 140 niambie Caro wa rico akuje kwako, 7 shots minimum

In fact today we were supposed to meet with “one” but alichange mind baadaye niliboeka mbaya,Hadi nikaopt kuwauliza

Kuna ka desparation una exhibit. They can read that in you for sure … engage them and don’t be too romantic. Mambò ya alejandro wachia citizen tv.

Hii ndio advise. As you approach show that you have class and cash… Ukiona anaanza kukuzoea na kujifanya hard to get, nyamaza kabisa lenga/grey tick messages, don’t be too available. Atajileta peke yake. You need to keep in mind that you are the prize.