help a brother out here

so hypothetically speaking lets say u happen to knw the owner of this motogari, it was involved in robbery
and the rest u can assume from this pic.
they want to go claim it, The registered owner is gone too
what advice can u offer ama ni moto ya kuota mbali. What happens to such kind of properties

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We can see u’ve really advanced in ua career…siku hizi si ngeta

wot do u mean “the owner is gone too”?

hii ni ile ya kiambu?
state your question clearly…

@pamba saidia huyu mwizi…
i.o.n usiwai nunua gari mwenyewe ni askari, most problably utakuwa unanunua hii maneno

like dead, (but of natural causes)

I’m no expert but I believe the next of kin should follow up with the police. Take all necessary documents including the car hire agreement if there was one and also the death certificate and postmortem report for the real owner.

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