I have a brother with kitu around thirty years but he has never landed any job despite apply alot of jobs and interniship opportunities . He studied Diploma in business management then later proceeded to undergraduate degree (BCOM accounting option), he even made enough efforts a 1st class from JKUAT He graduated back 2016. since he is just tarmacking. any help will be highly appreciated I know he can do any job considering the situation he is at the moment

Kdf have advertised recruitment 12th and 13th ,ajaribu pia huko.

30 yrs of age ashaapita hapo

To be honest Siku hizi employment is via networking. Seems he has the papers so probably his problem is not that. Let him try the services of head hunters. Still asichoke kutuma CV. Kila mahali. Juzi a friend was recruiting guys for company security (soja) and a graduate showed up. Tuseme guy didn’t land the job

Bcom Accounting option , tell him to drop his cv to as many audit firms as possible. By 20th Feb atapata place.

thank me later.

Kama hakufanya CPA then i am really questioning whether he buried his head in the sand or his butt while on campus

Bingwa brings up a valid point. Bro yako amefanya CPA exams na akapita? Coz I hear accounting papers bila CPA certification is worthless…

I should not be mentioned or quoted by failures …filthy squatters abroad

amemaliza CPA juzi I think results zilitoka january

Yeah amemaliza CPA pia

What about business?Have you thought about that because i know it’s you.Think of a business and talk to your parents or guardian and see if they can assist you with capital.

He therefore needs to work on the way he carries himself during interviews …i am certain he answers interview questions as he would answer exam questions

nop it’s not me

I thought accounting jobs are readily available considering how KRA are zealous about running after tax defaulters.

Uyu darii mumwikii wega…bingwaaa arrgh

Some degrees benefit when backed up with a professional certification, especially if there in no experience to backup the degree. With accounting as an option obtaining advanced Excel for finance and accounting professionals can be a game changer.

A lot of courses are available for free online, the only thing one pays for is for the Microsoft Certification.

Think its time for him to get assistance from recruiting firms
0721818726 management consultants
Ngara near the post office