hello everyone

my name is Paula
and I think I’m fucking pregnant)
very worried what to do ? can anyone give advice? I take birth control pills but one day I forgot to take them and now I feel like I’m pregnant
the test can show the wrong if I drink birth control???


Waaah …
@ DIGI : Saidia hapo Mkuu … :smiley:

Good luck on this one. Kutafta sound advice hapa ni kama kutafuta Vajo Sabina Joy.

…plus you never asked any of our advice when you were fucking, so be pregnant in peace.

Usijali maternity ni free…

Waah, sa utado?

:D:D:D:Danother one bites the dust

Come to my inbox ill help you


Kwani do men get pregnant after kukamuliwa mabacks? Which hoe will ask online strangers advice on pregnancy? Hugekua mariestopes if it’s a biatch as you are portraying urself. Otherwise prepare mkuduste kuzaa

Nunua pakiti kubwa ya ketepa na dose ya dawa za minyoo Kwa jina ABZ. Weka zote Kwa jug ya maji moto na ukunywe halafu ulale.

Get a vacuum cleaner and attach it snugly to the orifice in question. Put it on max power in order to get all fragments of the embryo out. Report back here about the results.

Use English here please…


Admin tunakulola banae


Upus, umeniharibia my complete minute