Hell No! Roy Moore pulls a 'JaKuon'


I don’t know what language God speaks but He’d better be fluent in redneck country lingo. Otherwise, Alabama will be waiting for a looong time!

Seriously who the hell is Roy Mboro and how the hell does this shit concern us?

It goes to show that Americans can adopt childish Kenyan ways of throwing a tantrum.

Who is he?
See that thing up there that says ‘ http://‘

  1. Type ‘Roy Moore wiki’
  2. Press enter
  3. Click on the first result
  4. Learn who Roy Moore is
  5. Write these instructions down so you don’t have to ask silly questions in future

Hii reply yako ni noma…

There’s a reason why this forum is called KENYAtalk not massachuthe talk you retard

Kweli you need a ton of help. You are using a foreign language not indigenous to the geographical locale of the country. By extension, things Kenyan of necessity involve interaction with other locales.

For someone calling themselves “uncle”, you leave a lot to be desired. Mankind can only hope you are the terminal stage of your genetic line.


Uncle nyamba, you been owned thoroughly. Kindly take the exit with dignity, no need to embarass yourself further.

@Amused this shit doesn’t concern us in any way humbwer!

hii upuss ndo unaamka mapema hio yote kuongelea… umbwer kookoo

And yet here you are


He is waiting on God to speak


How does that relate to us? Explain to me like a kid…

Why don’t you (and the other loser) fucking skip reading the thread if you don’t snap a thing? Hapa si nursery.

Just this once: Roy Moore is behaving EXACTLY like a Kenyan candidate who recently lost two elections.

How does following foreign sport eg boxing, F1 or the EPL relate to you?

f1 I just admire the machines, nothing much/more.

Not exactly, Raila’s was a case of misaligned expectations, yet that Moore guy seems to be ranting.

If I get owned like @uncle nyam i would resist ktalk for a month or two.

misaligned expectations…:)…many forms of that on this thread…