Hell breaks loose in Raburus home

“In March is when hell broke loose after Raburu told his wife to move out. He is currently living in Kileleshwa with another woman,” the source said.
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Kihii wewe.

To be a «celeb» is a curse. No privacy. No peace. I could chase my wife naked in the slums of nairobi at night and no newspaper would report the event. I could Even do it half naked during the day. No big issue. Nobody cares.

He was cheating with a well rounded Ugandan lady

fuck you mean cheating?

Wasn’t cheating, he was sampling other goods


Acts immature for his big body and age…Kama hangekuwa a public figure with good salary hakuna mwoman anaeza tolerate hio ghasia.Watched his reggae show on one friday night .He was constantly screaming and shouting senseless words in the name of hyping the crowd comprised of high school teenagers.Big baby that one

This happens to anyone who feels the need to update everyone on any little development on social media. Look at someone like Gladys Gachanja who’s been in the limelight for a long time. How many know about her private life? How many know that she has a 7yr old son and a victim of a failed relationship? Keep your private life PRIVATE !

That is what puts bread on his table and you are not his target audience. Ona vioja mahakamani bila kusumbua watu.

Ukweli usemwe…There are younger funky journalists for that who can fit seamlessly in that show you fat childish 45yr old whale.

Jeng on jeng hateration!!! Why don’t you let Wllis lead his life the way he sees fit? If the producers of the show did not like his style, they would replace himu.