Helicopter for sale

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Someone looking to buy a chopper would not be on jiji, maybe notice board ya Wilson, Nanyuki airstrip etc

Upuss. You guys overrate money so much. What makes you think a billionaire would never be on jiji?? Sure. He won’t be there looking for choppers, lakini huwezi assume that he isn’t on the platform even as a guest. People have very diverse interests and hobbies.

Leo hii ukipata 2 billion does it mean hutawahi chungulia Kenyatalk especially joto ya hiyo pesa ikiisha?? You don’t stop becoming a human juu ya pesa. Kwanza online offers the anonymity that billionaires love so they can know exactly what the common mwananchi is up to. Siwezi shangaa kupata kuna CS hapa Kenyatalk ama very respected members of society. Those wealthy people eat, shit, and fuck lanyes just like you tofauti tuu ni ile level wanachezea. They still do human things. They aren’t as special as you think they are.

Story time: Immediately after high school wakati nilikuwa nafanya CPA I decided to start hustling kuandikia watu business plans. Nikaweka advertisement OLX (before it rebranded to Jiji). My first client in that business was one of the most famous news anchors on television today. You never really know who your client will be. Who would have thought that the high school leaver in a remote town would be working on a business plan for a famous news anchor courtesy of an OLX advert? You never really know who will come across the advert.




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Proudly sold by wakameat butchery and aircrafts ltd

Hii nikinunua naeza tesa saana hii Kenya, Natoa to maforeign majuu nikileta via air. Direct from Ethiopia and Jumeica

Wamekataa option ya lipa mdogo mdogo. Walai Sahi ningekuwa navuka boda.

Kama birrionea that chopper is nice for me.

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They added a zero and some numbers to the price. That is a 12-15m chopper. That helicopter is not $2.0m on the open market.